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Climate Action with Gamification
BAŞLAMA : 1 Mayıs 2022
BİTİŞ : 1 Kasım 2023

Project Reference No:2020-3-PT02-KA205-007477

Budget: 45 810,00 EUR

Project Partners:

Project objectives:

- inspire a passion for developing the knowledge, the attitude, the basic skills, and creativity of youth workers and young people in the field of Climate Change through learning by doing and game-based methods such as card/ board games, LEGO-serious play, Serious Games etc.

- learn, exchange and share knowledge and best practices of game-based methods for preventing CC

- development of a dynamic methodology based on the combined application of innovative techniques and methods used actively in their routine activities by partners.

- development of the content of an online training tool and a workshop which combines all the techniques and methods used by partners to organize a local workshop

Project Results:

Online Training Tool 

Target Groups:

Young People and Youth Workers 

Work Packages:

  1. 3 Short-term joint staff training events and 1 blended mobility of young people
  2. A development an online training tool with basic information about climate change and action, ready-to-use templates, videos from the LTT activities, explanations, tips etc. for youth workers
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