Seed(Social Enterpreneurship Education Development)
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SEED(Social Enterpreneurship Education Development)
SEED(Social Enterpreneurship Education Development)
Social Enterpreneurship Education Development
BAŞLAMA : 1 Kasım 2021
BİTİŞ : 1 Ağustos 2023

Project Reference No: 2021-1-FI01-KA210-YOU-000031052

Budget: 60.000 EUR

Project Partners:

  • Launch Pad Finland Ry - Finland
  • Nicea Kültür ve Eğitim Derneği - Türkiye
  • AMPERSAND Skopje - North Macedonia
  • Strait Up - Spain

Project objectives: 

- Develop a dynamic, intercultural methodology for empowering youth in SE, grounded in presence learning, then transformed into digital tools. 

- Train eight youth workers from four countries in this SE methodology. 

- Implement sixteen local SE workshops in four countries, reaching 40 young people who want to begin their own social enterprises or improve employability.

- Sustain the project with an online "SE HACKATHON", involving 80 young people to launch the theoretical training into economically viable SE opportunities. The output results will include: - SE awareness campaign.

- Showcase of SE best practices 

- Digital course in SE training.

- Gaming and Strategy toolkit. 

Target Groups:

Direct Target Group

- Youth workers in associations who serve local youth, in areas with fewer opportunities, either due to socio-economic or geographic barriers. 

- Youth workers who seek to train in attitudes, mindsets, creativity and strategic thinking of SE. 

- Youth workers who require the flexibility of digital tools to train in business development and employment skills. 

- Youth workers looking for international best practices to add to their toolkit. 


Indirect Target Group

- Young people, ages 18-30, who want to launch their own social enterprise but feel unprepared to do so. 

- Youth who take part in the local activities born from the training methods developed during the project will be the main group of final beneficiaries.

- For presence activities youth will be selected and involved through each local association. 

- For online activities and events youth reached through social media can participate, regardless of their geographical limitations. 

- By incorporating online tools and an online multiplier, we can reach participants facing challenges to in person participation.

Project Activities:

  1. Planting SE: Working Session in Finland
  2. Experiencing SE: Working Session in North Macedonia
  3. Gaming SE: Working Session in Türkiye
  4. Communicating SE: Working Session in Spain
  5. Creation of Online Course
  6. Public Awareness Campaign: Ebook, Podcasts and Social Media
  7. Local Workshops: Transfer Best Practices to Communities
  8. Hackathon: Local-Transnational Digital Transformation Event


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