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4 Ekim 2020, Pazar
Back to School
Back to School

By September, the schools reopened in each country after the lockdown. The uncertainty over how classes will be organized to ensure the safety of thousands of children in each country worries parents, education experts and authorities.

With the beginning of this new period, the partners of the project ASSESS had a meeting to guide the development of our project. Despite the impossibility of having a face to face meeting, there have been no setbacks to the project. Now we are carrying out questionnaires about the assessment of speaking and writing skills to teachers.

We are aware of the workloads teachers have and their need to make their lives easier. Therefore, our aim is to develop the Online Exam Creator that will provide teachers with some exams to evaluate English as Foreign Language in the classrooms of Primary Education.

The Online Exam Creator will be developed by the end of this year. Once developed, it will be tested by teachers with their students. If you are an English teacher and you want to participate or know more about the project, contact to us:

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